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Dance & Theatre

The priority project for the art space is the contemporary dance and theater program. STANTSIA is the first center, based outside of Moscow, with the goal to present and promote the contemporary dance which lately has proven to be thought of as one of the most prominent genres of the Russian modern art, claiming to be a new aesthetics, that has a great influence on theatre and ballet. Dance theater, concept theater as well as performances on a verge of diverse disciplines are free from clich? and boundaries thus giving audience a unique opportunity of deliberate contemplation of time, space and body. The contemporary dance program at STANTSIA is created by the Dialogue Dance in a close collaboration with Dance Theater Agency TSEKH and Aktovy Zal.

The project is carried out in several ways:
— contemporary dance and theater performances
— permanent and short-term residencies for companies and artists
— regular contemporary dance classes and workshops
— video presentations on contemporary performing arts