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MOVIE_BREAK (Cinematic Intermission) project – is cinema outside the boundaries of traditional genres, it’s not the cinema that declares to be manifestation of the majority’s ideals, but in fact, cinema for those who are ready to make a choice. Regardless of how we call it – different, avant garde, “not for everyone”, rare, controversial, explicit, independent, alternative – it is a real cinema, which art value is undisputable. The project is curated by Ostrovski Theater’s chief director Sergey Kuzmich who programs it in cooperation with “Carmen Video” Company (“Drugoe Kino”).

The screenings of the animated films as part of the ANIMATIONquest project started in January of 2010, giving audience a chance to get acquainted with new Russian and foreign animated films with an emphasis on Russian animation. In the past few years a new generation of talented filmmakers had emerged who unfortunately are still unknown to the public due to the fact that big broadcasters and distributors are not interested in independent films. But despite that just like 20 years ago these films are being awarded at festivals and prizes are being taken by the filmmakers. Besides that ANIMATIONquest project is the venue for the screenings of the world renowned directors and programs of the world’s famous animation schools.
The programmers for the project — The Big Animation Festival – use a monographic principle in their work: whether it is a program of one particular filmmaker or artist; best films of different schools or studios; films made in a particular, very often rare, technique; or other exclusive programs. Every week-end night STANTSIA art venue sets up screenings for adult audience, while special family screenings are organized during the day.