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«Thinking man’s dance festival», text: Natalya Voroshilova. «THE MOSCOW NEWS»,  July 2010

«Specialising mostly in duets, the festival also invites guests from abroad and is set to be one of the talking points of a wide-ranging collaboration among individual dancers from the festival’s Kostroma birthplace, and Moscow, St. Petersburg, America and Estonia.
“Mirliflor” (July 17) was one of the highlights of the recent Intradance festival. Staged by leading Belgian choreographer Karine Ponties and Kostroma’s Dialogue Dance Company, it is a sensational, stunning and amazingly moving performance. Dark space, a few pieces of ordinary furniture and four simply-dressed characters are all you see on stage. But those characters, by turns strange, funny, grotesque and attractive, sincerely and openly explore a thousand nuances in search of our simple inner elegance».